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Utilise a Design Audit To Realise Your Product's Full Power

Design Audit

Design audit is the process of evaluating and analysing the effectiveness and usability of a design, in order to identify areas for improvement and optimise user experience. It aims to improve the overall quality and performance of the design. It's like a check-up for your design!

Why Design Audit Is Needed?

Design audits offer an independent, objective assessment of the website's or app's strengths and shortcomings as well as practical design guidance.

Problem Detection
New Users
Actionable Solutions
Problem Detection
Increased Engagement
Support Business Goals

Why Choose Us?

We have been creating profitable digital goods at Fluidesigns for more than four years. We have vast experience in design audit approaches and have been performing design audit across various industries.


Proven track record of delivering high quality design audits

Data - Driven

We use insights toinform our design audit recommendations

Innovative Solutions

Finding innovative solutions to solve design challenges of your business


To ensure that the user research is well-planned, effective, and provides valuable insights into the target audience, we follow six steps to conduct effective user research

Define Research Objectives

Start by defining the goals of the research, such as identifying user pain points or understanding user behavior.

Identify the target audience

Determine who the research should be focused on, based on factors such as demographic information and behaviors.

Choose the research methods

Select the research methods that best fit the research like surveys, interviews, and usability testing.

Plan and prepare the research

Plan the logistics of the research, including scheduling participants and preparing any necessary materials.

Conduct the research

Follow the plan and carry out the research, taking notes and collecting data from participants.

Analyze and interpret the data

Review the data collected to identify patterns, trends, and insights. Present the findings in a clear and concise manner to support design decisions.

What Can You Expect as a Deliverable?

Define Goals
Competitive Benchmarking
Understand the Users & User Journeys
Business & User Objectives
Key-flows (Current vs Happy Flow)
Analytics (Google Analytics, Heatmap, Click tracking etc)
Page-wise review based on
Page-wise research-based suggestions
Search Analysis
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Flexible Design Audit Team

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